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KIM JONG KOOK interviews on One FM (video)
Thursday, 13 June 2013 • 23:28 •

assalamualaikum , hai semuea :D annyong :* , wuhuu k poppers / running man fans ! mesti semua dah tau kan yg kim jong kook aka sparta kita ada kat malaysia sekarang ! oh maii >.< sukanya aku .. haha ok x nak bebel pnjng2.jom tgok video ni ! sapa2 yg terlepas siaran interview jong kook tadi (termasuk aku) :P haha . ok bwh video tu pulak summary / soalan2 yg ditanya ! enjoy ^^

part 1
part 2


KJK was worried that the Malaysian fans might get hurt while waiting for him at the airport earlier today.

1. "What is in your mind when singing songs?"
KJK : I try to put myself in real situations. Not based on true stories.

2. "Do you think you're a good guy?"
KJK : Ya, I think so (laughs)

3. "What is your favourite song in the latest album?"
KJK : Men Are All Like That

OneFM plays Men Are All Like That

4. "You've collaborated with Will Smith before so which international artiste you want to collaborate in the near future?"
KJK : I want to collaborate with Will Smith again.

5. "Any plans to sing chinese sing you are popular in the chinese market?"
KJK : Chinese is difficult. I don't want to look stupid. (laughs)

KimJongKook: 大家好,我是金钟国,我害你*。(我爱你)
*KJK pronounced 'I Love You' in chinese wrongly and instead said 'I Harm You'. And the DJ corrected him. So cute! :)

6. "Haha is already got married. So when is your turn?"
KJK : I gotta get married soon~

7. "What about Eun Hye?"
KJK : Huh? Eun Hye, yeah...... she's great. (*guess he's shy ^^*)

OneFM plays Words I Want To Say To You

8. "You've mentioned that your weakness is woman, why?"
KJK : Its just natural, i went to a school with only male friends. I'm shy, but now it's gettin' better now because I'm getting older. And I don't have a sister.

9. "Who has been most influential in your life?"
KJK : My parents, they are really great parents. My father is always responsible, my mother is always making sacrifices for my family. They are my role model.

KJK : There's no Fathers' Day in Korea, only Parents' Day.

10. "What would you say when you see a girl?"
KJK : Do you want to get married? (laughs) I'm getting older.

OneFM plays Men Also Feel Sad.

11. "Do you like Popeye the Sailor Man, since you have muscle?"
KJK: Yeah, of course I like him. I started eating vegetables because of him. It doesn't make sense. Without protein, I won't have a body like this.

12. "How do you feel if fans from overseas like you as a running man member instead of a singer?"
KJK : I don't really care if fans like me as entertainer/singer. I'm okay with both.

Kim Jong Kook is nervous then because he thinks that his English is not good.

13. "Running Man has been going to Hong Kong, Macau etc, so when will Running Man come to Malaysia? And I heard there is a fanmeet on the 21st Sempteber..."
KJK : Huh? It's not decided yet. We're always thinking about Malaysia but we haven't confirm it yet.

Kim Jong Kook promises that he will bring the rest of the Running Man members to Malaysia even if it is not for filming.

14. "Is there anything you want to say to your Malaysian fans?"
KJK: 我爱你. (I Love You) Terima Kasih (Thank you)

and the live interview concluded with the song 'Saying I Love You' which features Yoon Eun Hye in the music video.

If there is anything missing, feel free to comment and make sure to share this around! ^_^

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